Saul Colt and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Recently I attended an unusual event. Freshbooks, the Canadian software company that makes my excellent invoicing software, sent me an email that said something like “Hey Los Angeles! FreshBooks wants to take you to dinner.”

I was intrigued and RSVP’d to meet up at The Beverley Center P.F. Chang’s. I was one of the last people to arrive, which worked out well for me as I got to sit next to the ring leader of this event, Saul Colt AKA Freshbook’s “Head of Magic.”

I knew he and I had a lot in common as soon he spilled on his shirt and then attempted to improve the situation using a wet paper napkin, which only made it much worse.

Saul’s message, which he repeats often, is “Do things that are so cool that people have no choice but to talk about them.”

This is word-of-mouth marketing at its finest IMHO. How powerful is word-of-mouth marketing? It’s illegal not to disclose paid word-of-mouth marketing. This is because marketers know that there’s nothing that breaks through someone’s skepticism of a product or company better.

The unscrupulous and lame marketers of the world will always try to beat the system. But real marketing doesn’t require paying anyone to lie for you.

It does require that you figure out what makes you unique and what you can offer that is so memorable that people feel compelled to tell others about it. Then people will promote you for free. Just as I have done here in this post.