My website died and my client shamed me

So a few weeks ago I got a call from a long-lost client who recently moved back to Los Angeles. She told me about her new venture we’ll be working on, and then she proceeded to shame me about the state of my website. “Alta … Shame on you! Your website is in shambles.”

I was like “Yeah I know it’s kind of lame I don’t really have… time…” A week or two later I actually went to my website and things were much worse than I had realized. I guess I was moving things around or something and halfway through I got pulled onto working on something else and then I guess I forgot to care. It was not in great shape.

This made me remember an instructor I had when I was getting into web design and development. Whenever she would show us her site she would excuse the state it was in by saying “The Cobbler’s children have no shoes,” and I would be thinking “Get it together lady, rolling my eyes.”

So here we are. But I have good excuses.

• I often work six days a week… don’t judge me! I like it.
• On my day of rest, Sunday, I need to tend to my man (hiking, bacon cheeseburgers, microbrews.)
• I’d rather work for my clients than on my own stuff.

But really, the thing is, my professional life isn’t at all dependent on my web presence. It’s entirely dependent on my relationships with other humans. My business is based on word-of-mouth referrals. Is my client considering not hiring me due to the state of my site? No.

So no one needs a website anyway and we can all go home now.

Just kidding! I vow to stop performing horrible experimentations on my own live site. I will blog so help me God! In fact I think one of my next posts will be “No one reads blog posts so why do we all have to write them(?)” … Or maybe it should be called “Do as I say, not as I do.”

xo 🙂