3.5 Factoids About Listicles

Factoid 1. Listicles Are Here to Stay

listicle factoids for youAlthough lists have been around since before the 7 Wonders of the World and the 7 Deadly Sins, list-style articles sprang forth out of nowhere and took over the web just a few years ago.

It would appear that the listicle is not a passing fad — they continue to be everywhere. Our brains make us click on them because lists give us a sense of potential order and easy understanding. Listicles are just so dang irresistible and work so well at getting people to click our way.

Listicles are going to be staying around awhile.

Factoid 2. Listicles Are Totally Lame

Due to their ubiquity and general reputation as brain fluff, there’s been much lamenting over listicles as yet another sign of the fall of western civilization.

New Yorker: 10 Paragraphs about lists you need in your life right now.

As the article implies, (as does the word “listicle” itself) the vast majority of the 75 billion listicles out there are quite lame and totally pointless. Most listicles are just a regurgitation of a bunch of other lists. They also typically don’t have quality or accurate info, and are not funny or entertaining either! 🙁

I googled “limitations of listicles” and “listicles about listicles” and I clicked on probably 15 posts. I scanned most in under ten seconds and then moved on.

I thought the 10 worst things about listicles was funny. At least the author put a little thought into it.

If people click on your post due to a catchy headline then and repeatedly leave right away, search engines will make note and demote your post in search rankings.

It really should go without saying:

Like everything else you publish, your listicles must not be lame. Listicles should be unique, useful and high quality.

Factiod 3. You Should Write Listicles

So listicles get people to click and I try to write them sometimes, although I’m not great at them.

I recently kind of wrote a listicle about infographics, but it has just two items listed, so I’m not sure it counts, especially since another factoid is that people are way more likely to click on odd-numbered listicles with around 29 items.

Bonus Factiod 3.5 One really good thing to do in your listicles is link to other pages on your site within the post.

Alta Peterson: Make a Google-friendly website

Always give readers an easy way to find out more about you and your services or products. It’s just good common sense really! xo