Hi Everyone!

Yay Services Yay There’s nothing I find lamer than people in my industry who complain and/or neurotically make note of their own lackluster website, so of course I was destined to become one of them. My site has been under construction or pending for the better part of forever. I’ve decided just to accept it…

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Everyone thinks I need a better and more professional web presence, which is true, but I spend most days doing that for other people so … whatever! Judge me as you will. For now I’m posting what I feel like, and if you want a lesson in how to run a sole proprietorship that needs…

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Post: Making your site indexable by search engines, and accessible to all human users.

It has been an interesting couple of weeks for altapeterson.com. I went totally ballistic at a large corporate web host who will remain nameless and I killed my site during this process out of rage. (I was so mad that I pulled the plug.) I really understand why a lot of web people don’t even…

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My website died and my client shamed me

So a few weeks ago I got a call from a long-lost client who recently moved back to Los Angeles. She told me about her new venture we’ll be working on, and then she proceeded to shame me about the state of my website. “Alta … Shame on you! Your website is in shambles.” I…

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