Getting it done on the Metro

So a few weeks ago, on a Tuesday afternoon, things were seeming fairly under control on the work front. Client check-ins had been accomplished, requests had been handed off to my developers, and I was feeling like I could slip away for a couple hours to visit The Secretary of the State of California. The…

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3.5 Factoids About Listicles

listicle factoids for you

Factoid 1. Listicles Are Here to Stay Although lists have been around since before the 7 Wonders of the World and the 7 Deadly Sins, list-style articles sprang forth out of nowhere and took over the web just a few years ago. It would appear that the listicle is not a passing fad — they…

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Infographics: 2 Steps To Stand Out From The Crowd

Infographic: How to cook eggs. Personalized for the user.

Boy oh boy … Infographics are everywhere. All the social platforms that were not already image oriented a year ago have gotten a lot more so. People love infographics because they can get tasty tidbits of info into their overstimulated brains with minimal effort. Also they’re fun to share on social media. Most infographics are…

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How to write for the web.

Opinions on how best to write for the web are abundant and ever-evolving, but the bottom line is this: The actual words and phrases that people use in searches are still a huge part of how the search engine knows to connect you with the right people, which is always its primary goal. This has…

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How to make dropdowns in WordPress the right way

When you set up a dropdown menu on your site you have the choice to make the top link go to a page or just to nothing. What should you do? You should make it link to nothing. This is much better for usability because you don’t run the risk of people not realizing it’s…

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Should you use or

To self-host or not to self-host .. that is the question … This post assumes you know the general difference between and sites. If you don’t the links at the bottom discuss. You can redirect a custom domain that you own to get rid of the “” in your URL which looks more…

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Saul Colt and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Recently I attended an unusual event. Freshbooks, the Canadian software company that makes my excellent invoicing software, sent me an email that said something like “Hey Los Angeles! FreshBooks wants to take you to dinner.” I was intrigued and RSVP’d to meet up at The Beverley Center P.F. Chang’s. I was one

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