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There’s nothing I find lamer than people in my industry who complain and/or neurotically make note of their own lackluster website, so of course I was destined to become one of them.

My site has been under construction or pending for the better part of forever. I’ve decided just to accept it as a part of the process of growing my business and move on.

Writing about your own services is the hardest thing. Is everyone as excited as I am that I have a new services section up?

It is as it should be … a work in progress. Yee Haw!

It’s been proofed by a seasoned journalist and a professional copywriter, so anyone who finds a typo gets a $5 bill.

Hello, I Will Be Your Host This Evening

After trying various other methods over the years, I’m biting the bullet and offering web hosting as a service.

Marketing on the web involves creating and publishing content, and then using various social media and email campaigns to disseminate that content to the masses.

If you’re doing it right, that content is quite valuable. You need to organize, structure, maintain and protect it continuously. More and more you also need to make sure that you, and not various social media platforms and apps, are in control of all your content.

I’m prone to rambling at my clients about this and ya’ll just glaze right over when I start talking about software and updates and hacks and backups and maintaining control.

So! I’m now offering hosting in place of the rambling.

There are rules. Please inquire within.

Eleven Years OMG and Looking Ahead

Could there be anything more thrilling than my having a new services page and also offering hosting?


There is a ton going on people! One thing is that March will mark eleven freakin’ years since I went out on my own. : O

To celebrate, I’m going to start a fabulous ‘Altaland e-Gazette’ — to be hand-delivered quarterly.. It’s going to rock.

I lecture peeps constantly about building up a list of contacts, and doing some basic email marketing. So I’ll just show you.

Sign up on the contact page if you want but if you’re a client don’t bother as you’re getting it already and yes there may be a pop quiz.

xo – Alta

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