When you set up a dropdown menu on your site you have the choice to make the top link go to a page or just to nothing.

What should you do?

You should make it link to nothing. This is much better for usability because you don’t run the risk of people not realizing it’s a link since it pops open more stuff to click on.

So now that we have this established allow me to instruct you upon how to accomplish this task in WordPress.

Go to your menus section: Appearace > Menus and follow these steps.

1. Click the down arrow next to links.

2. Now here’s the important part! You have to put a “#” symbol in the URL field. If you leave it blank it won’t let you add it to the menu. So delete the “http://” and put in the #.

3. Put in your link text in the next field.

4. Click add to menu.

5. Now add the sub menu pages, dragging them over a bit to the right under the top link.

6. Don’t forget to SAVE over on the right!

7. Go check to see it’s all good.

8. Bask in the glory of your dropdown menu with excellent usability. Enjoy the comforting knowledge that visitors to your site will not miss a thing!

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