It has been an interesting couple of weeks for altapeterson.com. I went totally ballistic at a large corporate web host who will remain nameless and I killed my site during this process out of rage. (I was so mad that I pulled the plug.)

I really understand why a lot of web people don’t even maintain their own sites. I now must move my website and a lot of other websites because the aforementioned web host has made custom development barely possible … and I am mad.

It’s difficult to do consulting for web hosting because just like airlines and cellular providers, the worst one is often whomever you happen to be dealing with at the moment. And things change all the time. Today’s darling of developers is tomorrow’s horror show nightmare, and when you’re responsible for a bunch of websites this creates multiple problems.

Also since we all must blog for reasons not entirely clear to anyone, and I have been slacking hardcore, I think I will start with critiques and mockery of the 20 posts and 13 half written posts in my collection here.

With titles such as “Drop Downs Done Right” and “Gender, Design and Marketing” … it will be thrilling! Right now I set them all to draft mode to check for any extreme nonsense.

Finally, I’m happy to tell you all that Rob has discovered his new favorite restaurant. Like fellow North Dakotan Marilyn Hagerty, he factors decor heavily. This place’s walls were covered with local art for sale, and there were nets with plastic lobsters hanging from the ceiling and fake parrots too. The food was above average so all things considered, it’s his current fave.

It’s hard to wrap up a post this short and this random. So instead I’ll just leave you with a Leonardo da Vinci quote.

In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.

Or as they say in Wayne’s World. Live in the now.